Escort Vehicles Available in Tasmania

Brianna Bodyworks is a family owned and operated Tasmanian business committed to excellence in truck repairs and customer service. Since 1970 we've striven for the highest standard of workmanship and service; in pursuit of that we:

  • Employ 13 skilled specialists
  • Maintain working relationships with all the major insurers to expedite your claim
  • Offer a business structure that allows you to deal directly with the principals
  • Operate a state-wide recovery and salvage service
  • Do best by the customer with our fast and accurate quotation system.
  • Make use of the latest equipment, technology and expertise to repair your truck to factory condition
  • Use high quality, fleet specific Sikkens paint finishes
  • Provide both in-house quality control and road testing
  • Offer genuine after-repair customer service
  • Maintain a professional commitment to the industry and our reputation as one of the leading truck repairers in Tasmania

Brianna Bodyworks provide a wide range of repair and painting services from the transport industry to major mining and industrial operations.

First Response

Equipment used by escort vehicles in Tasmania
  • Accident recovery coordination
  • Available 24/7
  • Light and heavy vehicle recovery and salvage
  • Damage-free fast recovery times
  • Bus and coach towing and transport
  • Hook and public liability insurance
  • Accident scene clean-up

Brianna Body Works specialises in the recovery, repair and painting of heavy duty road vehicles, from semi-trailers, trucks and buses to earthmoving equipment, mining vehicles and tankers. Our fleet of towing and recovery vehicles can collect your stranded, crashed or broken down vehicle from anywhere in Tasmania, bringing it back to Brianna for professional repairs.

If you're in need of some mechanical, panel or paint work for your heavy vehicle, contact us for an estimate today.

Administration & Support

  • Advise on your insurance claim
  • Handle all liaison with your insurer
  • Fast and accurate computerised estimation
  • Repairer for all major insurance companies
  • TACC member

When your truck arrives at Brianna, our team of experienced repairers will inspect your vehicle's damage, providing a fair and reasonable quote on repairs. Our administration and support team can handle any correspondence with your insurer that's needed, and work towards a swift resolution of your claim, to get your vehicle repaired and back on the road as soon as possible.

Contact us today for all your smash repair needs if time is a factor.

Panel Repairs

  • Heavy and light truck and trailer repairs
  • Fibreglass repairs
  • Autorobot chassis alignment and measuring
  • Plastic welding equipment
  • Technology and expertise to repair your truck to factory condition

The professional team at Brianna Body Works will make repairs to any damaged steel or fiberglass panels with the latest in welders and other high-end equipment. 

Our Autorobot chassis alignment equipment can accurately check your vehicle's dimensions and compare to the manufacturer's standard of your vehicle's particular make and model, ensuring that when it leaves our workshop it's as close to mint condition as possible.

If your vehicle needs some alignment or panel work done, give us a call today.

Spray Painting

  • Colour-matching and design
  • Experienced and professional spray painters
  • High quality, fleet specific Sikkens paint finishes that have been developed to stand the test of time
  • Protective metal coatings
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty on all paint work
  • Capacity for large fleets

Brianna Body Works comes with one of the largest spray painting booths and baking ovens in Australia, which allows us to handle spray painting projects of any size.

Before we go to work, our broad range of Sikkens, BT Bus & Truck and Wattyl paints and our leading paint-matching technology allow us to guarantee you exactly the paint job you're looking for. Then your vehicle is sandblasted, to remove all traces of existing paint and ensure the smoothest, most even possible coat.

For more information about our paint projects, contact us today.


  • Quality control checks throughout repair and assembly
  • Chassis and axles laser-aligned and fitted to factory specifications
  • All vehicles are road-tested and detailed before returned to customers

After repairs are made to your vehicle's body and chassis, the greatest care is taken when reassembling your vehicle to ensure safety and driveability. To that end we conduct regular quality control checks through the course of repairs, and road test all vehicles before they leave our care to ensure comfortable driving for our customers.

For more information, contact us today.

Corporate Signage

  • Signwriting and design
  • Corporate logos and branding
  • Safety signage
  • Trucks, trailers, vans and light vehicles

Whether you're an independent transport driver or the owner of a major company or fleet, Brianna Body Works can help provide a professional image for your business.

Our experienced painters can consult with you to formulate a consistent design for any number of vehicles you need painted, and like all of our paint projects the finished product is covered by our lifetime warranty.

To find out about our specialist painting services, contact us today.

Alloy Polishing

  • Dedication to making your truck the shiniest on the road
  • Bull bars, wheels and tanks
  • Entire fuel tanker barrels

Before leaving our workshop, we want to make sure your vehicle gets all the attention it can, turning your vehicle into a highlight of your business.

To this end we'll polish any and all alloy components of your vehicle, from hub caps to exhausts, bull bars, tanks, and even entire tanker barrels.

Contact us today if you'd like your vehicle's trim to get that extra bit of attention.