Trust Us for Truck Smash Repairs in Burnie

Brianna Bodyworks is a family owned and operated Tasmanian business (est. 1970) that is committed to ‘excellence’ in truck repairs and customer service. We strive for excellence in our truck smash repairs and truck body repairs.

This commitment is reflected in the fact that we:

  • Employ 13 skilled specialists.
  • Have established working relationships with all the major insurers to expedite your claim.
  • Delivered a structure that allows you to deal directly with the principals.
  • Operated a Statewide recovery and salvage service.
  • Offer a fast and accurate quotation system.
  • Utilise the latest in equipment, technology and expertise, to repair your truck to ‘factory’ condition / specification.
  • Use high quality, fleet specific Sikkens paint finishes. (sikkens logo)
  • Provide both in-house quality control and road testing.
  • Offer genuine after-repair customer service.
  • Maintain a professional commitment to the industry and our reputation as one of the leading truck repairers in Tasmania

Member of the TACC (Tasmanian Automobile Chamber of Commerce).   

Brianna Bodyworks provide a wide range of repair & painting services from the transport industry to major mining and industrial operations.

First Response
Our accident response team at work before performing truck body repairs in Burnie
  • Accident Recovery Coordination
  • 24hrs 7days a week
  • Light & Heavy Recovery and Salvage
  • Damage Free fast recovery times  
  • Bus & Coach Towing and Transport
  • Hook and public liability Insurance
  • Accident  Scene Clean up

What this Means for you

Hassel free recovery at a stressful time

Administration Support Team
  • Advise you on and expedite your insurance claim
  • Liaise with your insurer and arrange for a prompt assessment
  • Fast & Accurate Computerised Estimating
  • Repairer for all Major Insurance Companies
  • Tacc Member

What this Means for you
Faster assessment for commencement of repairs

Panel Shop
Brianna Panel Shop
  • Heavy and Light Truck and Trailer Repairs  
  • Fibreglass  Repairs
  • Autorobot Chassis Alignment  & Measuring
  • Plastic WeldingEquipment,  technology and expertise to repair your truck to ‘factory’ condition / specification.

What this Means for you

Your truck is repaired to factory
condition and specification faster

Paint Finish
Brianna Paint Finish
  • High quality, fleet specific Sikkens paint finishes that have been developed to stand the test of time.
  • Corporate Branding, Logo and Safety Signage
  • Capacity for Large Fleets
  • Protective Metal Coatings
  • Colour-matching and design.
  • Experienced and professional spray painters
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty

What this means for you

A high quality professional paint finish that you know will last.

Brianna Assembly
  • Quality control checks are conducted throughout the repair and re assembly process.
  • Chassis and axles are laser aligned and set to their factory specifications after assembly
  • Trucks are road tested , detailed and  a final quality control check is carried out

What this means for you

Nothing is left to chance in repairing your truck

Corporate Branding & Signage
Brianna Corporate Branding and Signage
  • Tautliner Curtains
  • Trucks,Trailers , Vans & Light Vehicles

What this means for you

Promoting a  professional image for your company



Alloy Polishing
Brianna Alloy Polishing
  • Brianna are dedicated to providing you with the shiniest truck on the road
  • We can polish all alloy components to as new finish, bull bars, wheels, tanks  and even complete fuel tanker barrels

What this means for you

Your truck leaves looking the best on the road

Brianna Models

Brianna pay such close attention to detail that they can work on toys and still come up with uncompromised quality.